The Pros and Cons of Limestone Walls

The first criteria in choosing a material for a wall is strength and durability, and limestone ace both of these criteria. Limestone has been proven to be strong, durable and can withstand the harshness of nature. Just take a looks at some of the famous structures made of limestone that withstands the wrath of nature for hundreds of years. The pyramid of Egypt, Taj Mahal, the Pentagon, Lincoln Memorial Circle, and St. Paul Cathedral in London are just a few examples.

Limestone is one of popular material for walls that are used in indoor and outdoor applications. Some of the limestone walls in Dawesville are entirely made of limestone blocks. Some are embossed with limestone veneer to make it more attractive. To understand more about limestone walls here are pros and cons.

The Pros

  1. It is durable.

Similar to other natural stones, limestone is highly durable. It can withstand sun, rain, snow and other harsh elements of nature. Limestone walls will not wear down easily and can easily stand to the test of time for a very time.

  1. It is fireproof and weather-resistant.

Other than its durability and strength, another advantage of limestone wall is that it is fireproof and weather resistant. It is also impact-resistant and bug-resistant. With these characteristics can ensure you that your limestone walls Dawesville can last a lifetime and even down to several generations.

  1. It is easy to maintain.

Limestone is so easy to clean and maintain because they don’t get dirty easily. It is also resistant to bacteria and mold. Limestone only needs simple sweeping along with occasional mopping once in a while. Resealing it at least once a year can help in keeping the integrity of its structure.


The Cons

  1. It is vulnerable to chemical weathering.

Limestone may be resistant to nature’s wrath, but it is vulnerable to chemical and solution weathering.  Rainwater with high carbon dioxide content can cause limestone to weather which results in pitted, honeycombed and fluted look.

  1. It is prone to staining.

Since limestone is porous in nature, it can easily absorb water. To avoid staining, sealing the limestone is advised.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Limestone in Your Retaining Wall

More and more homeowners are opting to use limestone on their retaining wall. Limestone is a sedimentary rock which is largely comprised of calcium carbonate (calcite) or the double carbonate of magnesium and calcium (dolomite). Limestone is a durable natural stone that usually have gray color but it also have variations of white, brown, yellow and combination of other colors due to different impurities.

For thousands of years, limestone is widely used in architectural applications for walls, decorative trim and veneer. Here are the top 5 benefits of using limestone in your retaining wall.

  1. It is aesthetically beautiful.

Among natural stones, limestone is one of the most beautiful due to its wide variety of colors. There are varieties of colors to choose, from plain white to dark greens to the light beiges. With these many options it is easy to match the color of your retaining wall to other area of in your landscape.

  1. It is strong and durable.

Limestone is strong and durable. It is as well heavy and very dense which makes it ideal for structural applications such as fencing and retaining walls where strength is absolute necessary due to heavy pressure it is required to support. Limestone is also ideal for flooring and paving. You may also seal the limestone retaining walls in Perth to keep it in prime condition and to enhance its color.

  1. It is versatile.

One of the biggest benefits of using limestone is its versatility. It is ideal to use in retaining walls, as well as in perfect for driveways, walkways, around pools, as stepping stones and in entertaining areas. It can also be used as cladding to add color and style to a rather drab wall. Limestone blocks can also be utilized to create a raised garden beds. While being a strong and durable natural stone, the limestone can be easily carved and shaped into different size, shape and design.

  1. It is consistent.

As being a quarried stone, the limestone is consistent. This means that you can have it shape and cut according to your wants and needs. The consistency in size and shape is important in the landscaping for more stunning result.

  1. It is cost effective.

Using a limestone in your retaining walls can be cost effective. While being cost effective, the limestone can give your home a sophisticated, classy and elegant atmosphere. So, if you decide to have limestone walls in Perth you have the advantage of getting a classy and elegant wall that won’t hurt your budget.